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The “Meat & Potatoes” Everyone Needs

The Bible is jam-packed with exciting things to learn about God, our Creator. But, for many people it can be a daunting task to find the “meat and potatoes” of what they need to do to get right with God. This is why God appointed disciples long before the Holy Bible was compiled – and He continues to appoint them, to spread the message of truth to those with open ears and hearts.

There is power in truth. Man-made theories and philosophies can be incredibly appealing. They’re like beautiful ornaments that can change people’s lives on the surface, but only God’s way will actually get people anywhere. The reality is that we’re all involved in a battle of good versus evil, of life versus death, and only truth can move us forward to victory. The following is the “meat and potatoes” everyone needs to feed on in order to find truth.

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You Have Believed . . . Now Be Empowered!

ChristiansRULE PowerUp Program

What’s the difference between acknowledging Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior and truly experiencing the fullness of God’s Word in your life every day? The answer is POWER. Your life can look like another page in the amazing Book of Acts!

Follow our ChristiansRULE PowerUp Steps to find out how to GET powered up and GET going so you can truly make a difference – in your own life, and in others’ lives. This program will take you from learning about Jesus Christ for the very first time to soon praying for and baptizing others, seeing them healed, and showing them how to rule their lives with Christ.

Step #1

Step #1 explores:

What did Jesus actually preach regarding salvation?

Getting to know Jesus and how He fits in with the complete Bible story.

Common misconceptions debunked.

The precedent set by the apostles. 

A) Reading preparation:

“You Need All the Puzzle Pieces to See the Full Picture.”

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B) Video commentary:

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Step #2

Step #2 explores:

The importance of repentance and water baptism.

How to seek God to be filled with the Holy Spirit.

What about those that have been previously baptized?

Introduction to walking in the Spirit & overcoming.

What is your calling?

A) Reading preparation:

“How to Get Empowered with God’s Power, Today!”

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B) Video commentary:

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Step #3

Step #3 explores:

What does the Bible say about the end times?

Are the tragic things that are happening today God’s fault?

What will happen when Jesus returns?

Is there a heaven and is there a hell?

The opportunity God offers everyone.

A) Reading preparation:

“Burning Questions.”

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B) Video commentary:

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Step #4

Step #4 explores:

How to fuel up for a prosperous life in the Lord.

What is walking in the Spirit?

Maximizing your personal relationship with the living God.

What to say to the weak and weary Christian.

Thriving vs. Surviving.

A) Reading preparation:

“Walk in the Spirit & Thrive!”

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B) Video commentary:

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Step #5

Step #5 explores:

Now you’re plugged in, it’s up to you to turn up the dial.

You have many titles as a child of God.

Your purpose beyond personal salvation.

You have been granted full authority.

What you envision is what you’ll get.

A) Reading preparation:

“Do You Know Who You Are?”

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B) Video commentary:

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Who Is God?

A ChristiansRULE Digital Flip Book Publication

Our Who Is God? digital flipbook is NOT just for kids! It’s a great resource for people who are new to the story of the Bible, so we encourage you to share it with young and old(er) alike. There are many people who don’t understand how all the pieces of the Bible story puzzle fit together, and common Bible story books are full of gaps, inconsistencies, and even plain untruths. Finally, there is a Bible story that gets it right!

Who Is God? presents the truth of creation through to the return of Jesus Christ in a fun and powerful way. Read it with your kids. Read it yourself! And, be sure to pass it on to anyone that wants a clearer understanding of who God truly is.

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Check Out Our “Get Reading” Page!

Ever evolving, this page contains an array of food for the mind and heart. Whether you’re new to the Bible and living the Empowered Christian Life, or you’re seeking wise counsel for a struggling brother or sister in the Lord, or you just want simple and powerful inspiration for your own self, our Get Reading articles are sure to satisfy your hunger!

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A Dead Church…OR…The Living God?

A ChristiansRULE Downloadable Leaflet

As Christians, showing others how to RULE their lives with Christ is our God-given mission, and it should be our passion. Indeed, the world does grow strangely dim when we talk of the love and promises of our mighty Lord!

Let us help you share God’s truth with our downloadable leaflet, a precise and powerful resource you can leave with people to read and even pass on to family and friends.

Simply click “Download Now.” Save the file to your computer to email to your local printing store, or print the leaflet directly from your computer at home. There’s even a space to write in your own contact details at the bottom of the back page, if you wish.

Be fully equipped to inspire others toward the Empowered Christian Life!

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Did You Know?

A ChristiansRULE Downloadable Leaflet

People are told all kinds of things about how to get right with God. These messages can range from vague and “airy” to over-the-top complicated. One of the most common misconceptions is regarding Jesus’ declaration that “…no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.”

Did You Know? shares a very simple message versus our more detailed “Dead Church/Living God” leaflet, but it’s a powerful truth that both John the Baptist and Jesus Christ spoke about. Once you’ve experienced the life-transforming power of God in your own life, you’ll be excited to hand on the truth to others that are lost and confused.

We invite you to use this downloadable leaflet (click “Download Now”), and the following post is also an encouraging read for those wanting more information: How to get empowered with God’s power, today!

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1 Corinthians 3:11, "For other foundation can no man lay than that is laid, which is Jesus Christ."


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