Winging It! Web Series Poster

The ChristiansRULE team loves working for God, and we love simply Winging It! on our travels.

WE think our travels are spontaneous, but God is ALWAYS in the pilot seat. Our adventures are filled with fun, excitement, and suspense as we wait to see how things will unfold for God’s glory. That’s what Winging It! is all about.

It’s Perfectly Planned Spontaneity.

EPISODE #1: Winging It! – Taking Flight

The Winging It! Christian reality travel show is born during a team’s adventures in the jungles of Belize, Central America. P.S. Please forgive the very shaky footage. We had to film using an iPad. Now that we have a plan for the Winging It! series, we’ll be well equipped next time!

EPISODE #2: Winging It! – God’s Perfect Timing

We hadn’t heard from Aubrey for over a year. Suddenly, as our plane was literally landing in her hometown, we got a text from Aubrey saying she wanted to catch up. Aubrey had no idea we were going to be in town – for just one day! Some amazing things happened. This is the story…

EPISODE #3: Winging It! – Faith in Florida

On a last-minute trip Florida, the ChristiansRULE team experiences the guiding hand of God upon their adventure, and two people receive amazing answers to their prayers…

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